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Wine Country Weddings & COVID-19 Virus

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—Milestone Events Group Reports Postponements But No Cancellations of 100+ Weddings On Their Books For 2020—

(Sonoma County, CALIF)—The $200+ million Sonoma County wedding marketplace has yet to be significantly impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, according to Milestone Events Group, Sonoma County’s largest wedding venue marketer and wedding event planner. However, Milestone is advising its couples to take very specific precautions to mitigate risks and is offering couples tips for safer ceremonies and receptions.

To date, there have been no cancellations of any of the more than 100 weddings currently scheduled with Milestone Events Group and its partner venues, though couples with early-season weddings are rescheduling for late summer and early fall. Sonoma County wedding season runs from May through October when the vast majority of weddings are scheduled.

Tips For Safe Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Milestone Events Group has been providing its wedding clients with the following suggestions for mitigating virus transmission risk at weddings.

  1. Create event video streaming options so older, ill and other vulnerable populations who may choose not to attend can still experience the ceremony and reception.
  1. Provide sanitizer products at all locations where guests will sit and congregate.
  1. Spread seating further apart than normal at the ceremony, reception and dinner locations.
  1. Require vendors throughout the event to regularly sanitize equipment and other rented items such as microphones, bottles, serving equipment, and other hard-surfaced items.
  1. Couples are encouraged to use their invitations, emails to guests, and table place cards to discourage hand-shaking and close contact between guests.
  1. Provide copious hand sanitizer and sanitizer products in all bathroom facilities with posted notes to use them on all surfaces before touching.

“Because the vast majority of Sonoma County weddings occur between late spring to early fall, we have seen no cancellations and only postponements to later in the year,” said Milestone Events Group President Marshall Bauer. “That said, we expect to see the average number of guests at upcoming weddings be fewer than in past years and believe weddings in the County can be safe provided couples take measures to mitigate the risk of transmission, carefully monitor news of the status of the virus, and follow official recommendations for large group events.”

The Sonoma County market is worth more than $200 million annually and is an important contributor to the County’s economy. Sonoma County ranks in the top 5% in the United States for total number of weddings per county. Each wedding in Sonoma County attracts an average of 120 guests with couples spending an average of $40,000 per wedding.

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